Preparing and Supporting

The People of Georgia

Leadership Academy

The mission of the American Alliance for Georgia Leadership Academy, “The Academy” is to contribute to the continued advancement of the ideals of democracy in the country of Georgia. The Academy seeks to provide participants, “fellows”, with a two pronged experience which will ultimately position them to be of service to the country of Georgia as stewards of the democratic process. The target audience for this program are Georgian undergraduate students aspiring to pursue a master’s degree in Georgia. The first component is a two week immersive experience in Washington, D.C. United States, and will be conducted in collaboration with George Washington University (GW). The second component, held in collaboration with the British University in Georgia, will take place in Georgia at the University, and will involve bi-annual meetings among the fellows.
As part of the first component of the Academy, selected fellows will gain insights into the political intricacies of Washington, DC, witnessing firsthand the functioning of democracy in the United States’ capital. Fellows will engage with members and staffers of the United States Congress, as well as representatives from various governmental and non-governmental organizations. These may include media organizations, trade unions, think tanks, the State Department, Pentagon, US Chamber of Commerce, Embassy of Georgia to the United States, USAID, NDI, IRI, Millennium Challenge Corporation, National Security Council, and more. In addition, the fellows will have the opportunity to meet with relevant GW professors, engaging in discussions specific to their academic interests. This holistic experience aims to broaden their perspectives and enhance their understanding of democratic processes.
The second component of the Academy will take place at the British University in Georgia on a bi-annual basis, and will provide fellows with the opportunity to collaborate with the other members of their cohort, as well as being provided support with the implementation of the focus of their Capstone projects.
Capstone Project: A pivotal element of the Academy is the capstone project, which is focused on the applicant’s vision of how the Leadership Academy will enable them to contribute to the advancement of democracy in Georgia. The application process requires applicants to submit a proposal of vision statement and project designed to bring this vision to fruition. Upon selection, fellows are expected to actively participate in all aspects of the immersive experience, which will serve as the foundation for their projects. The objective is to glean insights that will aid them in the development of their projects. These projects should encompass a strategic plan outlining how the fellows intend to pursue their goal of advancing democracy in Georgia.
Anticipated Legacy of the Leadership Academy: During the bi-annual meetings at the British University in Georgia, fellows will present updates on their Capstone projects, and will receive support and guidance in the development of these projects. The goal for these meetings is to provide substantive support for the fellows and to assist them in further developing relationships among each other as they implement the knowledge and insights gained in the immersive experience in Washington, DC, into lasting change in Georgia.