Preparing and Supporting

The People of Georgia

A Personal Story Behind ARG

Levan Gurgenidze, Secretary and Treasurer

My family has been in education for decades. We own an educational corporation that comprises with a University, a High School, and a publishing house. We educate dozens of bright young Georgians at our facilities. We also partner with two international scholarship-awarding organizations: HMC from the UK and ASSIST from the US. We shortlist around 300 bright young adults for scholarships each year. But, only 10% are selected. To give you a measure of their brightness, I will tell you a story of one young man. When he was 12 years old, he did a TOEFL test to measure his level of English. He got 119 out of 120. It was pretty impressive. But, he was VERY dissatisfied with himself and wanted to re-do the test to get 120. He was not selected by neither of the scholarship-awarding organizations.
Such gifted young men and women from Georgia do not get a chance to spend two years either in the UK or in the US. These two years can dramatically change their lives. We want to help such bright young adults from Georgia and Ukraine. We plan to fund high-school education for the selected young adults in the US. The benefits will be great: Your help will give them a chance to have a better life. Being educated at some of the best high-schools in the world will change their lives forever. Brighter young generation ensures more prosperous and democratic future. American schools will benefit from diversity by having such bright foreign students in their classrooms. The US will benefit from having its ambassadors in one of the most turbulent regions of the world.