Preparing and Supporting

The People of Georgia


Why Does ARG exist

The American Alliance for Georgia (AAG) is dedicated to advancing the mission of ensuring the democratic future of the country of Georgia, and with it, the future freedom and prosperity of Georgian citizens. At its core, ARG is committed to cultivating the principles and ideals of democracy to embolden Georgia’s geo-political standing in an ever changing global climate.
The AAG Leadership Academy will serve as the foundation for advancing the Alliance’s broader mission. The Leadership Academy will seek to create future leaders by providing Georgian University/Graduate Students with an immersive experience in Washington, DC. This program will focus on the overarching concept of Democracy and the comprehensive processes/procedures which drive it. Upon completion of the immersive program, students will be part of an ongoing cohort of thought leaders who will meet and work collaboratively to further the mission of ensuring the legacy of a democratic future for the country of Georgia.