Alliance for the Republic of Georgia holds event with Ambassadors

The Alliance for the Republic of Georgia (ARG) held an event with government and public affairs leaders last week in Chevy Chase, MD, in an effort to forge financial and educational partnerships. While Eastern Europe is experiencing challenges, ARG is seeking to help create a peaceful and prosperous future for Georgians and Ukrainians by funding U.S. education for the countries’ youth.



Awarding the opportunity to study at prestigious high schools in the U.S. will bring positive change to not only the students, but to Georgia and Ukraine as a whole,” said Jim Galante, President of the Alliance for the Republic of Georgia. “As civilians we cannot protect these countries from geopolitical instabilities, but we can help prepare Georgians and Ukrainians to promote democracy and freedom. This event was the first step in making this a reality.”

Kurt Volker, an American diplomat and former Ambassador to NATO, along with the Ambassador of Georgia to the U.S., H.E. David Zalkaliani, attended the event as special guests in support of this initiative. 

“With support from international leaders, students will be able to benefit from the education of a different perspective, and will have the tools to drive change in Eastern Europe in the future,” said ARG Secretary and Treasurer Levan Gurgenidze.

ARG is currently partnering with Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, PA, where it already hosts one Georgian and two Ukrainian high school students. At the event, attendees were able to hear these students’ stories.

“Wyoming Seminary is the place that completely changed my life,” said Artur Zelenko, a 14-year-old student from Ukraine supported by ARG. 

“After the war I didn’t know if I would have another chance to be the person I wanted to be before,” said 16-year-old ARG-supported Ukraine student, Maryna Barsukova. “At [Wyoming Seminary] I found a lot of friends from other countries. We can sit together and talk about everything – about other countries, cultures, and traditions.”

About the Alliance for the Republic of Georgia

The Alliance for the Republic of Georgia is a 501(c)(3) charity organization aiming to educate young Georgian and Ukrainian students at private high schools in the U.S. While Eastern Europe is experiencing challenges, Georgia’s future can still be peaceful and prosperous – but it is vital for its future leaders to acquire necessary skills to be able to protect the country during geopolitical instabilities. Preparing and supporting the Georgian people internationally is essential to the country’s success.