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American Alliance forGeorgia, “AAG”, fundamentally believes that the country of Georgia’s future can be peaceful and prosperous. A core component in this belief is the development of Georgia’s future leaders. AAG’s mission is to identify these future leaders, and provide them with an opportunity to begin to develop and hone their inherent potential. Central to this mission is providing talented Georgian university aged students with an immersive experience in the United States which will expose them to the concepts of democracy and leadership, as the key to ensuring that Georgia continues to thrive on a global scale, as well as ensuring a prosperous future.
The ARG Leadership Academy will provide selected Georgian university aged students with the opportunity to explore our nation’s capital as an insider. Students will learn directly from skilled professionals at the highest levels of government, advocacy, and public relations. Visits to government agencies, international organizations, and top advocacy groups will bring students face-to-face with Washington’s power players. Students will participate in workshops and attend presentations on selected topics facilitated by relevant thought leaders, and will walk away from this comprehensive experience with a better understanding of the intricacies of high level government, business, and global leadership The ARG Leadership Academy will also provide students with a number of networking opportunities to drive future career opportunities.

Our Purpose

Alliance for Georgia plans to organize leadership academy to expose talented Georgian university aged students

to the concepts of democracy and leadership in the United States.

Jim Galante

Jim Galante

The President

Jim’s career in Education began while working for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in East Los Angeles where he worked as a teacher and coach.  After earning a Master’s degree in Education in Human Services and Counseling from DePaul University, Jim became a school counselor in the School District of Philadelphia, before spending the past 25 years working in North Penn School District in Lansdale, PA.  During this time, Jim has worked in the Secondary level in a variety of capacities, including Coach, School Counselor, Assistant Principal, and Principal, prior to moving into his current role as the Supervisor of Student Services.  In his current role, Jim has played an integral role in reimagining the district’s support for children in the post Covid world suffering from mental health issues, and has overseen the creation of a new alternative program in the district designed to meet these profound needs.

Our Value

Humans, not some abstract ideas, are the drivers of change. If we want to make a lasting impact, we need to educate future generations.

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